We develop proprietary payment solutions and offer these to our customers

Global Payments delivers cutting-edge solutions for receiving cashless transactions (accepting card and mobile payments), providing you exactly what you need for your business - whether you are a big business chain or a small florist. We offer a full suite of omnichannel cashless payment solutions, from various types of point-of-sale payment terminals to online payments. In addition there are various enhanced functions to help your business. Global Payments customers have first access to all technological innovations.

Food & Drink
Retail - Sale of goods
Free professions
Small / medium size e-shop
Public sector
Free professions

Attorneys, architects, tax advisors, etc.

Higher revenues

Our experience shows that customers will spend up to a third more with if a cashless payment is available. There is a psychological effect as the experience is far more seamless rather than having to part with physical cash. Also we are not limited to spending only the cash we currently have in our wallets.

Let your customers pay by card

Our payment terminal can accept all types of payment cards and meal voucher cards Leave us your contact details, and open the cashless payment option for your customers within a few days.
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